Remmebering Family

Leaving Community as our LEGACY

Leaving Community as our LEGACY

We faught together FOR PEACE

 Why not live together IN PEACE


Leaving Community as our LEGACY

Leaving Community as our LEGACY

Leaving Community as our LEGACY

An alternative to retierment....better yet...a LIFE STYLE


$7 a month/a mortgage 30 years

Leaving Community as our LEGACY

$7 a month/a mortgage 30 years

With MAX participation (21M) Vets & 5M Active Duty & cutting edge technology, this is achievable. 


Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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Fundraising & Community Enrichment

Fundraising is exactly what you expect. You donate, have a 'feelgood' moment, keep it moving and we say thank you. So Please click donate and register to offer $7 monthly. The Veterans and our families thank you. 

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Be a part of our VETERAN POWER TALKS https://anchor.fm/veteranpowertalk/episodes/Monetized-Real-Esta

Our Pod Casts are interviews of Veterans' Family members' and Active Duty sharing their transition experiencing and a resolutions for what some face on a daily bases.

A Special Place For Veterans

We are looking for new location. You donations will help.

(773) 407-8011


The "MOVE IN" priority goes to the first one to send payment in. No matter how long ago it was. Your payments can produce 24/7 opps to be ready 1 year from start date. 

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Community Enrichment


Donating Gone Monthly


With our small request of $7 a month to support , people across the nation are seeing this is something that can do. This is not too much for those who've risked their lives for their blanket of freedom. click and join the millions that feel the same as you.  


Community Enrichment Programs (C.E.P.) is a 3 party benefit. You, the business and your Veterans, benefit beyond a feel good moment. Every party involved has an economic satisfaction. We currently have 4 active C.E.P.'s. 1. Apprenticeship Robotics Training email us. 2. Free Energy Program 3. Referral Fees from your purchase/sell of real-estate nationwide. 4 We offer a Pod Cast that is monetized.

Veteran Power Talk Show

Your show is Pod Cast style. Veterans, family members and reuniting families speak on their experience transitioning from Military to Civilian life. Our show is monetized. 

The Families Tour of Duty

We have it, that not many is talking about the fact that, the family members do a tour and live a military life style as well. Our show allows their voice to be heard in full blown self-expression.